Entangled with your thoughts
My mind lost its race,
But happy thereafter
A brilliant shine on my face.
My heart throbs again
Pumping love through its veins,
Cold wind through my hairs
And legs dancing in drizzling rain.

With colourful rainbow in the sky
My eyes gleaming bright,
Petals scattered all around
Waiting for your first sight.
A sight to live for
A sight to cherish,
Two pair of sparkling eyes
And a lovely story to flourish.

Here you come
And my heart misses a beat,
Beautiful fragrance in air
A heavenly beauty in deceit.
Your hands around my neck
And your breath on my face,
I long to live in this moment
With Almighty’s grace.


The Time Ran Out

Two years together
Then the time ran out,
Distance between us increased
And the sound of differences grew loud.
Two different priorities
Two different paths,
One wrong decision
And two lives torn apart.

Nights below glowing moon
Evening walk under dusky sun,
Things of past, as it remains
A feeling deep inside, for me to burn.
As the sun rises
Rises the agony inside too,
Deep inside for somebody to understand
Yet piercing a hot iron rod through.

Gone are those days of past
As the time ran out,
Still stays the pain inside me forever
Churning my heart from inside out.


Why did you leave me alone
While I needed you the most,
Sailing through thunders of life
Towards the invisible ivory coast?
Darkness washed me away
Storms shattered my roots,
Loneliness struck through my heart
And my life spiraled into disputes.

Why didn’t you stop
To save me from those evil thorns,
To hug me, and to soothe me
While the others scorned?
I felt afraid
Frightened to go in there alone,
A world of hatred,greed and anger
With no one of my known.

Why didn’t you come back
And end all my misery again,
To make me smile
And let happiness on me rain?
I needed you then
I need you now,
My eyes still waiting for you
My love, please comeback, anyhow.

Mystery Blogger Award


A big, jumbo-sized and wholehearted thanks to i am akeela for the award. She is a fantastic writer and so are her blogs. I find so much of emotions in between her lines, which always touch to the core of my heart. Her writing style is very unique which again impress me for the choice of the words, which not only resonate with her emotions, but also strike hard and deep inside the readers as well.
I truly love reading and feeling her emotions and I am sure you will share the same feelings for her works.

For the rules part:

1. Put the award logo/image on your blog
2. List the rules.
3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
4. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
5. Answer the questions you were asked
6. Nominate 10 – 20 people & notify
7. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify).

Well, the most intriguing part ie: Tell 3 things about myself.

1. I often find my brain in war with my heart. My heart always wants to carry the values I grew up with but whereas my brain finds the other way around.
For the most of the time its my heart that I listen to. Whenever I have listened to my brains, it has always resulted into a big guilt. I m carrying the biggest guilt of my life right now, and frankly speaking I don’t know weather I will ever be able to shed it away.
2. I love helping other people as much as I can. I also have a dream of running my own clinic which provides free medical facility to all in my area, which I will certainly make it happen (ironically, I m an engineer, and not a doctor).
3. My dad is the sole reason for my existence and I can literally sacrifice anything for him.

Now, the Q&A part

1. What made you start writing?
I started writing poems when I was in 8th grade. I was going through a poetry by PB Shelley and I got so impressed by it that I thought to give it a try myself. Later I understood that I m not that bad in poetry.

2. What inspires you to write?
Beauty and emotions inspire me to write. I cannot write even a word if emotions don’t parade in my heart.

3. When did you start writing?
I started writing back in school days itself, when I was in 8th grade.However, I created this blog in April last year when the guilt inside become strong enough, and I seriously needed someone to listen to my emotions.

4. Apart from writing what other thing are you good at?
Apart from writing, I think I am good at cooking (atleast I enjoy cooking). Also sometimes I am able to inspire one or two souls with tender touch of my emotions.

My Nominations are:

1. Lost Soul
2. Abirami
3. Ammena k.g
4. Beleaguered Servant
5. Lunarian Thoughts
6. Jyoti Yugal

5. Now my turn to ask questions

1. What made you start writing?
2. Describe the best and the worst moment of your life.
3. What is that thing in your life which keeps you moving day-in and day-out?
4. Tell me something about yourself that others don’t know?
5. If you get a chance to relive a memory, which part of your life would it be?

Well, that’s all from me.

P.C.- Adarian Queen

When I met You

Devoid was my life,
Of music of any kind;
A simple, straight, monotonous,
Within four walls confined.
Tired of acting normal,
(Of) being happy always;
Gone was the shine of the game,
Things always used to fall in place.

Then I met you,
A wave in the expanse of a river;
Energy of the sun,
Warmth of the moon,
Excitement that gave me quiver.
Slowly, I gained my music,
Learned to dance on the rhymes;
My life entangled with you,
Me,lost in your beauty,sublime.

A Shattered Dream


You came
Touched my heart,
I felt blessed
A new life,a restart.
My heart
Felt a heavenly bliss,
With your arms around
On my lips,a lovely kiss.
I lived again
Happiness knew no bound,
My heart dreamt again
With love in air all around.
I dreamt of you
Our lives together,
You, my love, my life
Our sweet home
A heavenly shelter.

Then one day
You left me alone,
Saying its all my fault
All my dreams blown.
I cried
Begged with my life,
Tried to bring you back
My only love, my pride.
Yet,you did not listen
Never caring for my pain,
My heart broke in small pieces
Somewhere, in some parts
Some life remains.

I still wait for you,
Dreaming of a new life again,
A dream,too good to be true.

Just You and Me


Just you and me,
The end of my world;
Our hearts entangled together,
Into each other,our lives curled.
No more of pain,
Love and affection everywhere;
I still wait for you,
The most beautiful heart,
The divine care.

Just you and me,
Our souls together,
A beautiful world of our own,
Into each other,forever.
You,the sun of my life,
The moon of my heart,
Eyes still waiting for a glimpse,
Of God’s splendid art.

Just you and me,
Our emotions as one,
One soul,one heart,
Love in air,and worries none.
I breathe your hope,
Dreams of ‘us’ in my eyes,
Longing for you, deep in my heart,
And prayers to GOD in the sky.

The Endless Wait


The care I had,
All tears that rolled,
Endless longings in night,
My emotions untold;
The wait in my eyes,
Melodious beating of my heart,
The warmth of my breath,
And prayers from miles apart;
These never mattered to you,
Or have vaporized in thick air;
Still I wait for you,
With hope in my eyes,
And my heart in despair.

Man in the Mirror


Standing in front of mirror,
Today, I met my real face,
Sadistic, moronic to core,
A heart with no grace.

A monstrous self,
A body of human,
Dark, deadly red eyes,
Mind full of all evil acumen;
Hairs seemed burnt,
Distorted jaws altogether,
Treachery, betrayal dipping from heart,
And conscience as light as feather.

A body of lies,
Heart full of scum;
All ‘wicked’ in one form,
Look what I have become!!!
A face I couldn’t recognize,
A person I never wanted to be;
And here I am a standing evil,
Even worse than worst nightmares,
The ‘Ugly’ me.

The Dream


The dream,
Of her beautiful face,
Glittering eyes,
Of God’s loving grace.
I looked at her,
Dived in her eyes,
Sinking to the depth of her heart,
And my heart flew in the sky.

The dream,
She touched me again,
My heart missed a beat,
Let go all its pain.
Her sweet melodious voice,
The soothing touch of her eyes;
I can feel her heartbeat,
And hard throbbing of mine.

The dream,
Of her being with me,
We, together once again,
Two bodies, one boat,
Sailing in deep, stormy sea.
I touched her face,
Felt the depth of her emotions,
Tears rolling down her cheeks,
Warmth of sun, depth of the ocean.

The beautiful dream,
Made me smile once again;
A ray of hope in my eyes,
Of my life,
With her, again.